A patent is often described as a solution to a technical problem.

If you get protection through a patent, you have exclusive rights to commercial exploitation of your invention. The invention must not have beenbe new, i.e. never  have been manufactured or described before. This means that your own invention must not have been described anywhere before you submit your patent application. If you, for example, have been interviewed in local press about your invention or participated in an exhibition, you have destroyed the opportunity for applying for a patent on your invention. File first - talk later.

The invention must be reproducible and have a technical character.

The invention must be inventive. This means that it will stand out from other inventions in the same area.

More information is available  at on the website of the Norwegian Patent Office. If you are an employee where  makinge inventions is part of your job, you have to comply with LOV 1970-04-17 nr 21: The Act Respecting the Right to Employees' Inventions  [employee invention law] unless otherwise agreed with the employer.

The Act on Patents


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