Journal article with 3–5 authors

In-text citations

Format: All authors are mentioned the first time.

Ex. first time: (Hansen, Ekholm & Kjøller, 2008, s. 207)

Ex. next time: (Hansen et al., 2008, p. 208)

In the reference list

Format: Authors. (year). Title. Journal title in italics, volume(issue), pages. doi:

Ex. 1: Hansen, A. R., Ekholm, O., & Kjøller, M. (2008). Health behaviour among non-western immigrants with Danish citizenship. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health36(2), 205−210.

Ex. 2: Mattsson, J. T., Peltoniemi, M. & Parvinen, P. M. T. (2010). Genre‐deviating artist entry: The role of authenticity and fuzziness. Management Decision48(9), 1355−1364.

Note: If information on DOI or URL is missing, exclude this from the reference.

Note: If information on volume is missing, exclude this from the reference.

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Article from online journal: add as Electronic article.

Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title, Periodical title, Volume, Issue, Pages, DOI eller URL. (OBS: DOI foretrekkes)

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