Book with 3-5 authors

In-text citations

Format first time: (Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, Author 4, & Author 5, Year, Pages)

Ex. first time: (Fasting, Doksheim & Vatnøy, 2011,s. 11)

Format next time: (Author 1, et al., Year, Pages)

Ex. next time:  (Fasting et al., 2011, s. 32)

In the reference list

Format:  Authors. (Year). Title in italics (Edition.). Place published: Publisher.

Ex.:  Fasting, M., Doksheim, M., & Vatnøy, E. (2011). Den norske velferden. Oslo: Civita.

I EndNote

Add as Book.

Fill out the fields: Author (each on separate lines) Year, Title, Edition*, Place published, Publisher.

Note: *not first editions.

I Zotero

Legges inn som Bok.

Fyll ut feltene: Tittel, Forfatter, Utgave*, Utgiver, Dato

Merknad: *Ikke når det er 1. utgave.

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