In-text citations

Note: If the reference to the original text is given, use this. If not, give reference to the compendium

Ex: (Nedrelid & Kofoed, n. d.)

Note: When citing a complete compendium, use the examples given in Book with editor.

In the reference list

Format: Author. (year). Title. In Title of compendium in italics. University/College.

Ex: Nedrelid, T. E., & Kofoed, S. d. L. (n. d.). Utnytt søkemotorene. Kompendium: Informasjonskompetansedelen av NO 120. University of Agder.

I EndNote

Add as Book section.

Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title, Book title, City and Publisher.

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Last modified on: May 24th, 2022