Journal article with 2 authors

In-text citations

Format:  Last name of both authors are mentioned every time +  year: page

Ex.: Sointu & Woodhead 2008: 262

In the reference list

Format: Authors. (year). Article title. Journal title in italics, volume(issue), pages. doi:

Ex. 1: Sointu, E. & Woodhead, L. (2008). Spirituality, gender, and expressive selfhood. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 47(2), 259-276.

Ex. 2: Hippe, J. M. & Steen, S. I. (2015). Før tariffoppgjøret 2016: Adgangen til å opprette (brede) felles tjenestepensjonsordninger. Arbeidsrett, 9(2), 193-211.

Note: If information on DOIor URLis missing exclude this form the reference.

Note: If information on volume is missing exclude this from the reference.

I EndNote

Article from printed journal: ad as  Journal article

Fill in the fields: Author, Year, Title, Journal, Volume, Issue, Pages, DOI/URL

Note: To register more than one author press enter between the names.


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