Multi-volume work

In-text citations

Format: Author/Editor year(s): page

Ex., all volumes: Habermas 1984-1987

Ex., volume with separate title: Habermas 1987: 155

In the reference list

All volumes:

Format: Author’s/Editor’s last name, A. A.. (first year–last year, or one year if all volumes are printed in the same year). Title: Subtitle (edition, number of volumes). Place published: publisher.

Ex.: Habermas, J. (1984-1987). The theory of communicative action (vol. 1-2). Beacon press.

Single volumes with individual titles:

Format: Author’s last name, A. A.. (year). Title: Subtitle. Publisher.

Ex.: Habermas, J. (1987). Theory of communcative action Vol 2: Lifeworld and system: A critique of functionalist reason. Beacon press.

Note: If the volume does not have its own title, write Vol and number in parentheses without italics




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