In-text citations

Format: Author, year

Ex.: (Vinther, 2016)

Note: When a website has no personal author, please include the name of the responsible organization/institution. If there is no responsible organization/institution, please use the title of the page as the substitute for author/organization.

Ex.: (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2016)

In the reference list

Website with author:

Format: Author. (Year). Title. Retrieved from URL

Ex.: Melteig, E. (2016). Cod’s immune system is not special any more. Retrieved from

Website with organization as author:

Format: Organization/institution. (Year).Title. Retrieved from URL

Ex.: The Economist Intelligence Unit. (2016). Budget agreement avoids government collapse. Retrieved from

I EndNote

Add as Web page

Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title and URL.

If you want to include access date add this manually once you have converted your document into plain text..

I Zotero

Add as Web Page

Fill in the fields Title, Author, Date, URL, Accessed*

Note: *Only when including access date

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