Newspaper article

In-text citations

Format: (Author, year)

Ex.:  (Barker, 2020)

In the reference list

Format: Author. (year, date). Title. Newspaper title in italics, pages.

Ex.: Barker, A. (2020, June 23). Digital ads set to eclipse old industry. Financial Times, 6.

Note: Newspaper consisting of separate parts: include A before the pagenumber for part 1, B for part 2 etc:

Ex: Stenvaagnes, R. (2015, February 1). Norsk studentbedrift skal samle data for FN. Aftenposten, p. C16.

I EndNote

Add as Newspaper article.

Fill in the fields Reporter, Year, Title, Newspaper, Pages, Issue date.

I Zotero

Add as Newspaper Article.

Fill out the fields Title, Author, Publication, Date, Pages

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Last modified on: October 11th, 2021