Norwegian laws and regulations

In-text citations

Format: Short title of the law, year, paragraph.

Ex.: (Equality and anti-discrimination act, 2017, § 4)

In the reference list

Format: Law/regulation short title. (Year). The full name of the law/regulation (law code). Site name. URL

Ex.: Equality and anti-aiscrimination act. (2017). Act relating to equality and a prohibition against discrimination (LOV-2017-06-16-1). Lovdata.

Note: Remove the URL if you are referencing the printed edition of the Norwegian Laws.

NoteAlways reference the original law unless you refer to a particular change in the law. If you are referencing a particular change, you have to use the date for the change instead of the date of the original law.


I EndNote

Add as Report.

Fill in the fields Author (Law/regulation short title), Year, Title, Report Number (insert law code) and URL.

Note: Add a comma at the end of the short title for titles consisting of more than one word.

I Zotero

Add as Book

Fill in the fields Title, Author (insert law short title here, single field), Edition (insert law code), Date, URL

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Last modified on: October 11th, 2021