In-text citations

Format: (NOU year:number, page number)

Ex.: (NOU 1998: 18, p. 73)

In the reference list


Format: NOU year:number. (Year). Title in Italics. Ministry

Ex.: NOU 1998: 18. (1998). Det er bruk for alle: Styrking av folkehelsearbeidet i kommunene. Sosial- og helsedepartementet.

From Internet:

Format.: NOU year: number. (Publication year). Title in Italics. Ministry. URL

Ex: NOU 2018: 2. (2018). Fremtidige kompetansebehov I: Kunnskapsgrunnlaget. Kunnskapsdepartementet.

I EndNote

Add as Report.

Fill in the fields Author (Enter the name of NOU with a comma at the end to prevent abbreviations), Year, Title, Publisher, and URL

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