Online report

In-text citations

Format: Author, year, page number

Eks.: (Bergan, 2017, p. 15).

In the reference list

Format: Author. (Year). Title in italics. (Report number). Retrieved from URL

Ex.: Seeberg, M. L. (2011). Kunnskapsstatus (1990-2010): Forskning om etnisk diskriminering av barn og unge (NOVA rapport 8/2011). Retrieved from

I EndNote

Legges inn som Government documents

Fyll ut feltene :Author, Year, Title, Report number, URL

Merknad: Dersom du ikke har URL, erstattes den med Place Published og Publisher.

I Zotero

Add as Government documents.

Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title, Report number and URL

Note: For APA 6th, ‘No.’ is included before Report number in the bibliography, and must be removed manually.

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Last modified on: October 11th, 2021