In-text citations

Format:  [reference no.]

Ex: Text [1]

Format: [reference no, p. pagenumber]

Ex.: Text [1, p. 74].

In the reference list

Format: [Reference no.] A. A. Author’s last name, “Title,” abbreviated name of the organisation, place, country, report number, date, year.

Ex.: [1] J. H. Davis and J. R. Cogdell, “Calibration program for the 16-foot antenna,” Elect. Eng. Res. Lab., Univ. Texas, Austin, Tech. Memo. NGL-006-69-3, Nov. 15, 1987.

Format e-report: A. A. Author’s last name, “Title of report,” Company, City, State, Country, Rep. no., Date. Accessed: Date. [Online]. Available: site/path/file

Ex.: [2] M. Stølevik, T. Nordlander, and A. Riise, “A mathematical model for the nurse rostering system,” SINTEF ICT, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Oslo, Norway, SINTEF technical report no. A19133, 2011. Accessed: Sep. 9, 2020. [Online]. Available:

I EndNote

Add as Report.

Fill in the fields: Author, Year, Title, Place published (add both place and country), Institution, Date (use a , after the date), Report number, Access date (for e-reports), URL/DOI (for e-reports).

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