Unpublished (conversation, e-mail, manuscript, lecture)

In-text citations

Format:  [reference no.]

Ex: Text [1]

Format: [reference no, p. pagenumber]

Ex.: Text [1, p. 74].

In the reference list

Format 1: [Reference no.] A. A. Author’s last name, personal communication, abbreviated month, year.

Format 2: [reference no.] A. A. Author’s last name, “Title of manuscript,” unpublished.

Note: For personal conversation or exchange of letters, we recommend the exact date, not just the month. Specify who you have talked with, which role this person has in this context, how communication has taken place, and time. Always ask the person who has agreed to approve your quotes. Make sure you quote them correctly. 

Ex. 1: [1]A. Harrison, personal communication, May, 1995.

Ex. 2: [2] B. Smith, “An approach to graphs of linear forms”, unpublished.

Ex. 3: [3] A. Brahms, “Representation error for real numbers in binary computer arithmetic,” IEEE Computer Group Respository, Paper R-67-85.

I EndNote

Add as Unpublished work.

Fill out the fields: Author, Year, Title, Date. Replace year with “unpublished” when the work has not been published/sent.

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