Website without personal author

In-text citations

Format: [Reference no., p. page]

Ex.: Text text text [1, p. 23], text [2], etc.

Note: IEEE Editorial Style Manual have no suggestions on how to refer to a Website. This is the Citation compass’ suggestion on how to do this.

In the reference list

Format: [Reference no.] A. A. Author’s last name, Title of website,year. Available: URL. Accessed on: Read date.

Ex. 1: [1] B. Pentz, Døgnåpent biblio på UiS, 2015. Available: Accessed on: 31.07.2017.

Ex. 2: [2] H. B. Borchgrevink, Lager tidskapsel fylt med prøver fra norsk natur, 2017. Available: Accessed on: 03.08.2017.

I EndNote

Ad as Web page.

Fill in the fields: Author, Year, Title, Access Date, type of medium (write Online), URL.

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Last modified on: August 16th, 2021