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Privacy notice for

The libraries at USN, UiA and UiS process your personal information in connection with the contact form on The Citation Compass ( You can contact the data protection officer at USN ( if you have questions about the privacy of the treatment. 

The purpose of the treatment is to answer questions from the users of The Citation Compass. 

The legal basis for the treatment is the public authority of the universities to provide education and research. 

Your information falls into the following categories: name and email address. 

E-mails are deleted either as soon as they are replied or at the latest within 1 year. 

You have the right to access the information and to correct any errors, to delete personal data or limit the processing that applies to you, or to protest the processing. 

If you believe that the treatment violates your privacy, you can complain to the Data Protection Authority. Feel free to ask our data protection officer about this. 

Use of Cookies 

The Citation Compass uses Google’s Analytics tool to get an overview of the usage pattern of the site. 

The information collected will be processed in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy (external link). The Citation Compass does not track users’ IP addresses. Cookies are stored on users’ devices for up to two years, depending on what they are used for.