Is the source suitable?

How is this suitable for my assignment?

Public documents must be assessed in the same way as other documents.


  • Will the source elucidate or support the topic our your assignment?
  • Is the content still current?
  • What is the author’s intention? All information carries a message.

When can I use a newspaper article?

In some cases, it might be relevant to include newspaper articles, for instance, to actualize your topic with quotes from public debate. They should, however, not be used as the main source, but as an example of how topics are conceived and described at a given moment.

  • When you want to illuminate current events.
  • When you want to focus on a geographical limitation, for example in local history.
  • Announcements and advertisements may have historical value.
  • To illuminate a current debate in society.

If you are using newspapers as a historical source, you should note that older newspapers were often used as a channel for members of the social elite. Advertisements and announcements may have historical value.

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