OBSOLETE – With what purpose has the source been written?

You have to consider whether you are informed of facts and well-documented research. The author may wish to convince you or sell you something. Beware of great words such as: the best, the fastest, the most reliable, the safest, the greatest, the biggest and last, but not least: all research shows that…


  • Does the author actually know what they are talking about? Has the author published something on this subject in respected journals? Search the library databases.
  • Has the author published anything about the topic through a reputed publisher?
  • Does the source illuminate several sides of the presented subject?
  • Is the topic controversial? (e.g. climate change and topics on health- or nutrition). Make sure to get a broad picture of the current debate and find actual research about the topic.
  • Does the source give information about which special field is covered and what level it is written for?
  • Are the sources listed, and are they of high quality?
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