Image from printed source

In-text citations

Give reference to the item you found the image in. For exapmle, from a book. Give information in the text about what you have used.

Ex. 1: The painting “The wise virgin” by Jay DeFeo is an example of beat art (Forsgren, 2008, p. 124)

Image, table, figure etc inserted as illustration: Description of the illustration as caption under the image, should also be marked Figure 1 etc. Include information on copyright.

Ex. 2: Figure 1. Theoretical framework of social media context. From «Social Media: A Contextual Framework to Guide Research and Practice,» by L. A. McFarland and R. E. Ployhart, 2015, Journal of Applied Psychology, 100,s. 1656. Copyright 2015, American Psychological Association.

In the reference list

Format: Enter in the reference list according to reference type: book, article, book chapter etc.

Ex. 1: Forsgren, F. (2008). Beatkunst i Norge. Press.

Ex. 2: McFarland, L. A. & Ployhart, R. E. (2015). Social media: A contextual framework to guide research and practice. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 1653-1677.

I EndNote

Add as Book, «Book section, Journal article etc.

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