Image from printed source

In-text citations

Give reference to the item you found the image in. For example, from a book. Give information in the text about what you have used.

Ex. 1: The painting “The wise virgin” by Jay DeFeo is an example of beat art (Forsgren, 2008, p. 124)

Image, table, figure etc inserted as illustration: Description of the illustration as caption under the image, should also be marked Figure 1 etc. Include information on copyright.

Ex. 2: Theoretical framework of social media context. From «Social Media: A Contextual Framework to Guide Research and Practice,» by L. A. McFarland and R. E. Ployhart, 2015, Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(6), p. 1656. Copyright 2015 by the American Psychological Association. (

In the reference list

Format: Enter in the reference list according to reference type: book, article, book chapter etc.

Ex. 1: Forsgren, F. (2008). Beatkunst i Norge. Press.

Ex. 2: McFarland, L. A., & Ployhart, R. E. (2015). Social media: A contextual framework to guide research and practice. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(6), 1653-1677.

I EndNote

Add as Book, Book section, Journal article etc., according to reference type.

I Zotero

Add as Book, Book Section, Journal Article etc., according to item type.

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