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In-text citations

Format:  [reference no.]

Ex: Text [1]

Format: [reference no, p. pagenumber]

Ex.: Text [1, p. 74].


In the reference list

Format: [Reference no.] A. A. Author, Title of the book, xth ed. City: Publisher, year.

Ex.: [1] J. D. Cressler, Silicon earth: introduction to microelectronics and nanotechnology, 2nd ed. Boca Raton, USA: CRC Press, 2016.

Format e-book: [referansenr] A. A. Title of the book, xth ed. City: Publisher, year. [Online]. Available: DOI (or URL)

Ex.: [2] W. Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice, Intern. ed. Boston, Mass.: Pearson education, 2013. [Online]. Available:

I EndNote

Add as Book.

Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title, City, Publisher, Year and Edition (write only number, like this: 2nd).


For e-book, use Electronic book.

Fill in the fields Author, Year, Title, Place published, Publisher, Edition (write only number, like this: 2nd),  Type of medium(write Online), DOI.

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