Journal article with 3–20 authors

In-text citations

Format: Only first author + “et. al”.  year: page

Ex.: Howard et al. 2021: 39

In the reference list

Format:  All authors. (year). Article title. Journal title in italics, volume(issue), pages. DOI/URL:

Example 1 without DOI:

Howard, J., Bingener, C., & Howard, T. C. (2021). Essential strategies for inclusive teaching: Academic spaces have often excluded black students. With care, we can change that dynamic. Educational Leadership, 79(4), 38-43.

Example 2 with DOI:

Kociumaka, T., Radoszewski, J., & Starikovskaya, T. (2019). Longest common substring with approximately k mismatches. Algorithmica, 81(6), 2633-2652.

Example 3 with article number or e-locator:

Franzen, J. L., Gingerich, P. D., Habersetzer, J., Hurum, J. H., von Koenigswald, W., & Smith, B. H. (2009). Complete primate skeleton from the middle Eocene of Messel in Germany: Morphology and paleobiology. PLoS ONE, 4(5), Article e5723. journal.pone.0005723

Note: DOI is the preferred information. If DOI or URL is missing, exclude this form the reference. If the URL points to a password restricted database, exlude the information.

Note: If information on volume or issue is missing, exclude this from the reference.

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