Journal article with 3–20 authors

In-text citations

Format: Only first author + “et. al”.  year: page

Ex.: Hansen et al. 2008: 208

In the reference list

Format:  All authors. (year). Article title. Journal title in italics, volume(issue), pages. DOI/URL:

Ex. 1:  Hansen, A. R., Ekholm, O. & Kjøller, M. (2008). Health behaviour among non-western immigrants with danish citizenship. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 36(2), 205-210.

Ex. 2: Juha, T. M., Mirva, P., & Petri, M. T. P. (2010). Genre-deviating artist entry: the role of authenticity and fuzziness. Management Decision, 48(9), 1355-1364.

Note: When DOI or URL is missing, this information is excluded.

Note: If volume or issue number is missing, this information is excluded. 

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